Thursday, November 1, 2012

Chapter VI: Begin as a God, End as a Slave

Here's an example of lifeless CNC machine carving, discussed on pp.160-62:

These are the two crocuses that were broken off and survived almost undamaged from the fire.  As I write on pp. 170-71, they allowed me to calculate the correct size of the forward elements in the print of the archive photograph:

Here is a detail from one of the 1907 photographs mentioned on p. 175, showing lime wash present but beginning to wear away.  This is taken from the photograph on p. 156:

A side view of the bulging rope section, which I feared projected too far (pp. 177-82):

And here it is fitted onto the lower layer of carving.  To see how it looks with the drop in place on the wall, see below in "After".

Two hand positions for holding the tool in a more delicate way are mentioned on pp.188-89.  The first is illustrated by the photograph on p. 192.  Here is the second, in which the propelling hand holds a small tool as it might a scalpel or a pencil: